Day Five and a fire alarm.

13 Jul


Hey guys. I’m sitting in the breezeway right now doing a blog update from my phone because somebody pulled the church/Christian school fire alarm. Quick update:

We had a free day today and went to see the Arch! Lots of photos were uploaded to individual facebook pages, so I’m sure some of those are floating around already.

Also, for those off you who wanted work site pictures, Merry Christmas.

That is the official World Changers St. Louis facebook page. Every picture that the World Changers photographer had taken this week is up there, included pictures of us. We may have a few pictures, but this guy has hundreds. Browse to your heart’s content.

Also, great news! The homeowner at Hannah Murfin’s job site came to know Jesus today! More than houses are getting revitalized this week. Jesus is doing way more work than we are. I hope you guys at home are ready for a super excited youth group homecoming. I’m praying that this desire for revival that is so evident right now stays as important to them as it seems now. We gotta nurture this, folks.

Make sure you hit up the E-courograms up! They really are great. You can send them until Thursday at 11PM.

We’re all tired and have another early morning tomorrow, so I’m clocking out. I’ll post again soon. Thanks for the encouragement, guys!


2 Responses to “Day Five and a fire alarm.”

  1. woostermter July 13, 2011 at 11:52 pm #

    Great day at the arch!!! You are in the home stretch now!!! Don’t lose heart!! Heard about the awesome experience at the arch—the sardine cans that took you to the top. Thanks for updating!!!

  2. Carmen Redding July 14, 2011 at 7:00 am #

    Praise the Lord for the way he is working through all of you! Thank you for keeping everyone informed and for everything you are doing to lead and encourage our young people. We appreciate you and are praying for you and everyone in the youth group.

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