Day 4

10 Jul

I apologize for not posting a major update yesterday, and to be honest I was just tired.

It’s been a full two days. Lots of work got done on the first day on the job, and I can say without any doubt in my mind that the weather this year has been better than the weather last year. The only real issue was some rain today that caused a delay in getting started at some job sites, but all in all it’s been cool and comfortable the whole time.

I’ve been fired and rehired no less than four times by the youth today for refusing to mount an expedition to Zaxby’s. We did however take the traditional trip to Walmart tonight to pick up forgotten necessities. Forgotten necessities actually turned out to be exhausted nonessentials.

Most everybody bought snacks.

Tonight at worship was the Concert of Prayer. Concert of Prayer is a night devoted entirely to prayer and worship, starting specifically with your group and expanding out in steps to pray for the spread of the Gospel throughout the entire world.

Four missionaries also were targeted through the evening, and their specific prayer requests were handed out on cards. There were prayer stations set up for each missionary and their area of ministry so that everyone could write down encouragement and let the missionaries know what they were praying for.

I’m attaching a picture that I managed to grab during worship. Please continue to pray for safety, endurance, and above all for the Gospel to be spread through our work!

Keep the encourograms coming!

In Christ,




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