World Changers 2012 – Day of Arrival

7 Jul

Welcome to the online documentation of Winterville FBC’s World Changers trip! Please keep your sleeves rolled down and boys and girls must stay in their designated hallways…boys are blue, girls are pink, so no purple, please.

I’ll start out with the story of how we ended up at James Breckinridge Middle School.

As recently as three days ago this trip didn’t look likely. Due to the major heatwave that struck the northeast, the vast area surrounding Roanoke, VA did not have power. The school we were scheduled to stay in didn’t have power. Gas stations didn’t have power. Ice companies didn’t have power. The city of Roanoke had actually set up cooling stations powered by generators for the general public to come inside and cool off from the heat before they had to be rotated out so that others could cool off.

Our alternatives to cancellation were slim. Calls were put out for every generator we could find, but there were still issues of ice and gasoline.

But, like God does when His children ask Him, doors were opened to us in a fashion that can be called no less than miraculous.

As opposed to a school with as many fans as we could find, we now have a fully air conditioned school to lodge in. We may be a little cramped, but the alternative is no air conditioning.

I think we’ll be fine.

We go to church with our host churches tomorrow. These are the churches that will be bringing us food on the job during the week. Pray for blessings on them…we couldn’t eat without them!

The theme for this year is The Pursuit, and we’re looking at the way that God relentlessly pursues us and ultimately proves His unfathomable love for us through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

If you’d like to send encourograms, which are free messages that are delivered every morning and night, you can do so here. The list of World Changers folks reads as follows:

Amanda Hill
Kayla Chambers
Chase Goldman
Brittany Huffer
Kyle Sartain
Lindsey Sartain
Hannah Murfin
Hunter McBride
Chris Redding
Heather Gheesling
Forrest Shealy
Tyson Beachum
Josh Mosley
Caleb Sass

Also, here are some pictures of our lodging! Hope you guys keep reading and checking up on us throughout the week!

In Christ,
Josh Mosley







We’re here!

7 Jul

We’ve landed safely in Roanoke, VA and we’re busy getting settled in. I’ll post some pictures of our lodging later, as well as links to where you can go to send us Encourograms!

Thanks for the prayers!


What to Bring and Stuff

3 Jul

Hey guys!

For those of you who need it, here is a list of what to bring!

You can find it here.

World Changers…AGAIN!

3 Jul

Well, It’s been a year.

Winterville FBC is about to hit the road again for World Changers 2012 and we’re going to Roanoke, VA!

Check back here over the course of the week for photos and videos of the various shenanigans that I’m sure are going to happen, as well as daily blogs about how the trip is going and what Jesus is doing in the lives of our youth and the men, women, boys, and girls that they’re serving. I’ll also post the links so that everyone can send e-couragrams to our youth. These are delivered at the beginning and end of every day and are always a great pick me up for a youth who’s been working in the heat all day.

Thanks for all your support!



The Perfection of Beauty (From Shai Linne’s album, “The Attributes of God:)

24 Nov

A powerful spoken word poem about our absurd idolatry. We lift up everything and worship all but the most high.

New music that we’re going to play soon!

2 Nov

Stronger – Hillsong United


Your Great Name – Natalie Grant

If God is all powerful, why doesn’t He stop sin now?

2 Nov

If God is All Powerful, why doesn’t He just stop sin now?

Here’s an illustration:

Volunteer 1:

__________ is a student at _________ . He feels like he’s pretty much a good person, even though he knows he’s not perfect. He believe’s he’s a Christian because his parents are. He tries not to do too many “bad” things. He doesn’t drink. He doesn’t steal. He never tells BIG lies…just the little ones that don’t hurt much.

Is ________ saved?


Volunteer 2:

__________ is a student at _________ . She knows she is not a good person and she doesn’t care. Last week she punted a kitten just to see how far it would fly. She has no concept of personal property, except that all property is personally hers. Small toddlers are actually afraid of her. She has no desire to set foot in a church because “church people” are mean to her.

Is ________ saved?


Volunteer 1 has a horrible relationship with Volunteer 2. Volunteer two poked him in the eye just this morning. Volunteer one can barely see as we speak.

How does Volunteer 1 feel about Volunteer 2?

Probably not too happy.

Volunteer 1 goes with a friend to Winterville FBC on Wednesday and hears about Jesus and what the Bible really says about whether or not he’s a good person. He believes what he hears and becomes a Christian.

What should volunteer 1 do to Volunteer 2 now?

Forgive her.

Volunteer 1 approaches Volunteer 2.

Volunteer 1: “I have been angry at you because you poked me in the eye and I could not see. But since Jesus loved me and forgave me, I will forgive you and love you!”

Volunteer 2 can react one of two ways:

1. Volunteer 2 can say: “Wow! No one has ever loved me like that! I want this Jesus you have!” and become a Christian herself.

2. She can continue to live and be cruel to those around her.

What is most likely?

Probably number 2.

What does that mean about the way volunteer 1 should treat her?

He shouldn’t be vengeful. He should continue to forgive as Christ forgave.

This say may continue for a long time. How would God stop this? When should God stop this?

All that to say:

“Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things. We know that the judgment of God rightly falls on those who practice such things. Do you suppose, O man—you have judge those who practice such things and yet do them yourself—that you will escape the judgment of God? Or do you presume on the riches of his kindness and forbearance and patience, not knowing that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance?”

Romans 2:1-4

God is patient so that those who don’t know Him will have a chance to repent. He gave those of us who are saved time, and He wants to give everyone that chance. Even the ones who hurt us, because He loves them too.